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¨Spiral twist" 316L stainless steel sheet Modern Sculpture

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This version is sold therefore you are ordering another version so there is room for customization.
Fabricated military grade stainless steel finished with grinding marks. This sculpture is also good for salt water area.
Please contact me to negotiate price.

Titled "Spiral twist" 

Dimension Options:-
Height: 41 inches, Width: 18 inches, Depth: 10 inches

Large modern sculpture made from 316L stainless steel sheet  titled "Spiral twist".

This piece makes a great statement in a garden, entrance way or out in a field.

This sculpture is made from stainless -steel sphere. With those materials, it will not rust or corrode and is perfect for an indoor or outdoor setting.

Whether you are discussing music, physical attributes, or nature, when all the parts of an object agree with each other, it is easily recognizable and pleasing to the senses. In this fast paced and ever-changing world, we feel an innate need for harmony and are drawn to it. Being able to take a few minutes to relax your body and mind is important to maintain balance and inner harmony. I have found that I need to spend a little time each day with my art. When I see it from different perspectives and at different times of the day, I gain a little more perspective each time. My art has allowed me to become to grow and brought me more inner peace and balance. I can see this piece being a focal point for a garden, entry way, or entrance. As the viewer sees it, they are reminded of the name, and I hope it brings them some peace and harmony as well.

If you are within a few hours driving distance from the  Melbourne VIC area I can drop it off. Otherwise, it will be shipped in a wooden crate.

Contact me to negotiate price and discuss options.

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Our sculptures are one off and hand crafted, NOT factory made.
Each one is different and unique in its own way.
There will be only 1 that exists and you will be the owner.