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"Pedestal" stainless steel sculpture Sculpture

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Indoor or Out Pure Elegance

I present to you a brand new sculpture from my series "Pedestal". It is completely first class, modern ando contemporary all the way. Made Stainless steel it is shaped to reflect beings intertwined in a romantic fashion. Note how the 2 shapes work together as masculine and feminine, locked together in embrace. It is a very sexy piece.At 110cm tall it is very substantial. The curves are smooth and sleek. I have formed this piece in a manner which allows the viewer to see both sides and patterns simultaneously by the nature of the twists and curves of the piece. It will never change in color or texture, what it will do is reflect and refract light changing as the viewer shifts positions. I have tried to show the beauty of this piece using pics taken from various angles. No part of this piece will ever rust or deteriorate in outdoor conditions.
Construction is 100%
welded by walter chaupin qualified ticket 7 tig , 8G mig & 6G PIPE
Thank you so much for visiting my shop!

Sculpture, Metal on Stainless Steel

Size: 50 W x 110 H x 27 D cm

8m thick stainless steel