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Wall-E Metal Art Sculpture

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This Beautiful Metal Statue was Inspired by the Character WALL-E from the Cartoon Pixar Movie WALL-E
This is an Original,Custom Painted Recycled Metal Sculpture,Handcrafted from a Multitude of Nuts,Bolts,Spark Plugs,Screws,Nails,Bicycle Chains,Sheet Metal,Washers,Plumbing Parts and other Recycled Metals.Each Piece is Heated Bent into Shape and Welded Together using a Special Welding Technique called Puddle Welding.After the Welding Process each Sculpture is Polished,Buffed and Painted to give the Sculpture it's Unique Unique Beauty,and Character.
He Stands 3.5 inches Tall ,2 .5 inches wide, 2.5 inches deep and Weighs 9 ounces
These Handmade Art Sculptures make incredible gifts for any occasion and last a Lifetime.
We hope you enjoy your Handcrafted Sculptures for a Lifetime.


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