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Christ in the crown of thorns .Wall Art, Home Decor, Handmade

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What better serves to remind us of His sacrifice than the Crown of Thorns that He wore upon His head? This crown is handmade.

Dimension Options:-
Height: 40 inches, Width: 32 inches, Depth: 1inches

Christ in the crown of thorns, Wall Art.

Religious sculpture Jesus Christ. This picture can be a perfect gift, it will certainly bring warmth and color to the room, and can also be helpful in everyday prayer.

Item details Handmade item Materials STEEL, WASHERS, BOLTS AND NUTS. they imagine having a portrait of Jesús of Nazareth sculpture in their house, but with the peculiarity that it is made with pieces of recycled iron! Maybe it sounds a bit difficult to conceive this image however for the sculptor there is nothing that can not be done. Very nice element to your interior.It will light your house differently. this item does come with free postage.

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